Studying the international experience in building online monitoring systems.

Published on 11 Nov 2020 / In Other

⁣Борняков Александр, [10.11.20 11:17]
1) General international rules and requirements for gambling industry discussion

2) Technical requirements and standards discussion:
2.1. Current versions of documentation related to RRI, G2S and S2S protocols
2.2. In which countries is RRI used successfully as a standard? What software is used by the state and by market operators?
2.3 Where we could get the info or researches about existing standards?

3) What are the options for implementing an online monitoring system software:
3.1 Shall we use your software and hardware solutions or develop our own?
3.2 What are the terms if we choose to go with you solution?
3.3 Maybe you could share examples of successful business cases worldwide?

4) Which path would you advise to choose for Ukraine? How much it might cost for the country?

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